“Easy to work with.”

Having Charis help with growing my online Etsy business helped customers find my store via my social media platforms. She helped me direct these customers to my store and bring more traffic from my instagram and Facebook pages to Etsy.

— J.J.

“Helped us kickstart our business!”

Charis helped to get our new barbershop business going by growing our Instagram page and connecting with local businesses as well as get the word out about our business. Her knowledge about social platforms helped us to build local clientele and bring in new customers.

— Raul


I believe in making small businesses better —more profitable, sustainable, authentic and fun!



“Helped when I didn't know what to do.”

Not knowing what to do, Charis really helped me to simply send her what I needed done and she could do it! My website needed some re-doing and she quickly helped me and posted new content when I needed. She also showed me how to understand online tools and how to use them to grow my business.

— A.A.

“Dream to work with.”

Charis is so lovely to work with. She helped me with Networking events, Online content creation and digital marketing. She is a dream to work with and I can tell she loves what she does!

— I.C.


“Knowledgeable & Patient"

The best thing she can do to help your business is help guide you in knowing what she does can help to grow your business. Getting yourself known online takes time and requires consistency and commitment. Having Charis there along the way to help was the only way I could have done it!

— G.P.

“Hire her to help grow your small business”

I have to admit I was stubborn in the beginning thinking I could do all the social media marketing myself. Now I can say, I was completely wrong. Trying to take on running my own business, dealing with customer service and learn how to do the marketing was a big mistake. Charis helped by taking care of the marketing for my business, so it wasn't another thing I had to worry about!

— J.G.