5 Tips on How to Grow your Instagram

Not only is Instagram amazing for business, it is vital for your brand awareness. Instagram is a visual platform that is bursting into the digital world full of opportunity! Using Instagram for business might be the most effective form of marketing that anyone can use and if you only could pick 1 social media platform.. Instagram would be that one!

Starting an Instagram account may seem overwhelming and a huge step into an unknown world. But after you read these 4 tips it will become clearer just how important this tool is for any business. Before you start, you must pick a username. This should be relevant to your business and something catchy that you want people to remember you by easily. Avoid confusing usernames and using numbers.

If you’ve explored Instagram and seen that many accounts have thousands of followers with tons of engagement and conduct much of their business through this tool. It may seem daunting to think about how they got there, but read the following 5 tips to understand this multicoloured app a little better.

  1. Don’t Buy Followers

This may seem tempting to do in effort to grow your instagram page and instagram following faster. But I can guarantee it is much more beneficial to your brand and business to grow organically. The followers will come! The journey of growing your page is all about optimizing and improving as you go. If you want to skip the line and get ahead of the race this can hurt your growth in the long-run and you wouldn’t have built your page authentically.

2. Cross- Promote

No one is going to follow your account, comment or like your pictures with it just sitting there hoping that everyone will find it. So promote yourself!! Cross-promotion is one of the most powerful ways to get your page seen. This also is a great way to work with others, and use your other social media accounts to promote your content. Post on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, through emails and on your blog about your other accounts! This helps to grow each one and get your content out to the world.

Cross-Promotion also works by working with other businesses or people to promote each other! Work together to figure out what you want posted, or if someone writes a post about your page.. return the favour! Give them a shout out, post them in your stories and tag their accounts!

3. Research

The best Instagram accounts out there are the ones that know their niche. You will hear this over and over again.. find your niche! Know your niche! Niche down! What is your niche!?

These accounts know exactly who their content is targeted towards and who is most likely to engage in their posts through RESEARCH. They have researched their target market and curate content that is specific for them. By building a following based on a specific niche, this is the key to growing an engaged following! and also the fastest way to grow your account.

Tip: if you don’t know your niche.. think about what you post the most about and what YOU are most interested in. This is your niche!!

Stick with your niche! This will guarantee to take you far. Do not post un-related images-this will only confuse your following and be bad for your overall aesthetic and the engagement you are wanting. Look at what your competitors are doing, get ideas and re-do what is working.. but always make it your own, and give credit when needed.

4. Hashtags

Using hashtags is another great way to add a location to your content so Instagram users can find you easier. Yes, hashtags can seem over whelming, but think of Instagram as a library and hashtags as the system that organizes the content (I love organization!!). Hashtags work best once you’ve established your niche!

It’s best to research your hashtags, look at what hashtags there are within your niche, how popular the hashtag is & how many people are using it. This might take some time, but it is well worth it to get to know your niche and which hashtags will benefit your page and help your followers find you. You can ad up to 30 hashtags per post on Instagram, which doesn’t mean you HAVE to do 30 for every post, and switch it up!!

Tip: it is best to search for low competition hashtags with few posts - this will help you to get seen by the right people.

5. Give & You Will Receive

Ever heard of the saying “what you you put out, comes back to you”? Well this is also true for Instagram. When you reach out, engage, like posts, comment on posts, post content, post stories & use the app at full potential. It will come right back to you! This can seem overwhelming, but it truly works. Put the effort in towards growing your page and you will reap the benefits with what you put into it. Remember to focus on your market and niche if you want to grow a highly engaged audience and customer base.